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Thunderbirds InFlight Refuelling Operations

Thunderbirds In-Flight Refuelling Operations


Channels: Military Aircraft Videos 

Added: 932 days ago by Tornado

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X-32 inflight refueling test

X-32 inflight refueling test


Channels: Military Aircraft Videos 

Added: 1675 days ago by viper

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Delta's New In-flight Safety Video.flv

Delta's New In-flight Safety Video. Interesting, quite different form usual...


Channels: Airline Videos 

Added: 2487 days ago by Keeley

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US Air Force F-15 in-flight breakup animation

Produced by Boeing Phantom Works as part of the US Air Force accident investigation, this animation reconstructs the in-flight structural failure of a US Air National Guard F-15C on November 2, 2007. The breakup was caused by fatigue cracking of a forward fuselage longeron. IMPORTANT - this is slowed down to one-fifth the actual speed of the event!


Channels: Military Aircraft Videos  Incidents and Accidents 

Added: 2509 days ago by Batman

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Helicopter Inflight refueling accident

A Helicopter has problems during inflight refuelling with an incident


Channels: Military Aircraft Videos  Incidents and Accidents 

Added: 2591 days ago by Lionel

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