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L39 Albatros VERY Hard Landing at MAKS 2011

L39 Albatros VERY Hard Landing at MAKS 2011. Hey this aircraft is really robust!


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Added: 1038 days ago by Vilnius

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L-39 Albatros, Czech made jets of Thai Air Force

36 Albatros jets are currently serving in Thai Air Force.


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Added: 1503 days ago by retiredman9

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L39 Formation Flight

L39 Formation Flight


Channels: Military Aircraft Videos 

Added: 1506 days ago by Desertwind

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The Breitling Jet Team flying the L-39 Albatros

The scenery is what is exceptional in this video as it was filmed over the Alpes.


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Added: 1815 days ago by Topgun_pilot

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