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Panic on board ANA flight

Panic on board ANA flight, it seems that, after the commander of the flight left the cockpit, the copilot took the airplane into an unusual attitude. Because of this, the airliner which was steady at cruising altitude loose thousands of feets. At the end the captain of the flight succeded to regain control of the aircraft moreless at 3500 from the ground. In this video the formal excuses of the ANA management and a computer simulation of the event.


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Panic landing on gusting wind

Urbe Lossino


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Panic on board, no flight attendants!!!

Tragic events on a Flight, all flight attendants taken ill, nobody available to serve drinks & food! :-D A comedy, off course all of us appreciate the work of cabin crews!


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No more Vodka on board, Russians in panic!

Alcohol has been banned by many Russian airlines, but while the move may be good for air safety many passengers are uncomfortable about the idea...


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Panic Attack Onboard

This happened on Air Canada plane ride to London, England in December 2007 from Toronto. This was a classic panic attack became later an unruly passenger. A cabin attendant with a preselect passenger in trying to keep him quiet. Note the constraint kit ;)


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