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Why I have fallen for the MD80

Why I've fallen for the MD-80


Channels: Airline Videos 

Added: 572 days ago by Boeingman

Runtime: 10:01 | Views: 46634 | Comments: 1

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Why the world won't end on 2012

part 2 to the vid


Channels: Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 1883 days ago by UAL8658

Runtime: 02:15 | Views: 167492 | Comments: 1

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Why winglets works?

A interesting short clips explaining why winglets offer economical benefits.


Channels: Airline Videos  General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes 

Added: 2478 days ago by JackSpacer

Runtime: 03:03 | Views: 162911 | Comments: 0

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Why Grandma shouldn't Skydive

Really funny video, you will understand why grandma shouldn't skydive!


Channels: Skydiving - Wingsuit - Parachutes  Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 2557 days ago by Keeley

Runtime: 00:22 | Views: 158059 | Comments: 2

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