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Qantas emergency landing at Manila

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Published on: Jul 25, 2008 Category: Airline Videos,   Incidents and Accidents,  

Jul 25 - A Qantas Airways plane made an emergency landing in Manila on Friday (July 25) after plunging thousands of feet and losing cabin pressure during a flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne. Passengers reported hearing a loud bang before the aircraft rapidly lost altitude and said the Boeing 747-400 had a gaping hole in its undercarriage when it landed in the Philippine capital. "It was an amazing experience, but not a good one," Glenyce Johnson, 47, told. "The aircraft plunged from around 40,000 feet to 25,000 feet." Qantas confirmed the loss of cabin pressure and a rupture in the plane's fuselage, but said all 346 passengers and 19 crew disembarked safely. QF30 left Hong Kong at 9 a.m. (0100 GMT) and was due to land in Melbourne at 9:45 p.m. (1145 GMT). The flight originated in London.

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