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Avro Vulcan takes to the skies after 14 years

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Published on: Aug 11, 2008 Category: Military Aircraft Videos,   Funny Aviation Videos,  

The Avro Vulcan XH558 takes to the skies, 14 years after its last flight and following a £6m refit. The plane, which can reach speeds of up to 645mph, was expected to scale heights of around 3,000 feet during the 20-minute test flight and burn in excess of £1,000 of fuel. Project organisers were describing it as a "historic day for aviation". It is the first time an aircraft of the Vulcan's complexity has been given an extended overhaul on such a scale and then returned to flight, meeting all current aviation standards, said the Vulcan to the Sky Trust. With a characteristic screeching roar, the plane rose majestically into the sky to a cheer from watching supporters, sponsors and engineers before banking to the left. Just over 20 minutes later, to widespread relief, co-pilots Al McDicken and David Thomas landed it back on a Leicestershire airstrip. Speaking immediately after the flight, Squadron Leader McDicken said: "She was an absolute delight, every bit as good as I can remember. It was a tremendous privilege to fly it again!

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