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California Flying, Skycatcher - Flying news talk

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Codename: fftvav

In this show: 17th November 2008 This week:- A PACKED show as we go flying in California but “is it heaven or is it hell?” (hello “Eagles” fans!) Also the Skycatcher, are you excited? Plus, is the flying car nearly here? Next weeks show: Could you have been robbed of a pilot job? Show describption: If you fly already or you want to get your hands on the controls of a modern aircraft, whether it is a 747, a tiny microlight or a fast jet, this is the show for you. We'll get you airbourne by showing you the possibilities, the fun and the action. We'll entertain you with features that show real pilots having a laugh. You’ll also get all the information you need to get you airborne but delivered in a way that is fun and entertaining to watch. Don’t just sit there - watch the show and join us in the skies! Flying Ferrari, terrafugia, homebuilt, experimental, aircraft, Skycatcher, Flying car, Diamond, Bizjets, fftvid, aircraft, ga, flying, aviation

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