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Aviation fun Pilot persuades partner to go flying FullFlap.TV

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Published on: Dec 8, 2008 Category: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes,   Funny Aviation Videos,   Website:

In this show: 8th Dec 2008 This week: Is it possible to persuade a plane hating partner to go flying? We put it to the test with a real partner. Don’t expect scripted PR videos to promote flying, this is what really happened. (R) Next weeks show: More of our Christmas “Best of” Specials, with our epic race between public transport and a C172. Show description: Once it was sportscar’s, now it’s aircraft. Despite what some say, flying is THE way of travelling. The sportscars are stuck in traffic jams so why not rise up above them and go further and faster than ever. We don’t mind if that you want to get that from flying a 747, a four seater or a microlight. If the idea of “flying” makes you yawn, take a look at FullFlap.TV and you’ll realise that things have changed. Tags: Pilot, aircraft, warrior, PA28, Goodwood, kennels, Aero club, fftvid, microlight, aircraft, ga, flying, aviation, pilot, ultimate, top ten, aero aerospace aircraft airline airplane airport aviation news pilot plane tv

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