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MAKS-2009 show has been a succes

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Codename: Vilnius
Published on: Aug 31, 2009 Category: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes,  

The teams at the MAKS aviation and space show have finished their aerobatic displays near Moscow. Multimillion dollar deals have been done and over half a million people have attended the show. The MAKS-2009 has been a successful event by all accounts: both on the business side and on the public appeal side. But for 580 thousand people that visited the event during the week it is the amazing aerial performances which have been the highlight. The Frecce Tricolori, or the Tricolor Arrows is the Italian aerobatics team which stunned the crowds at this years MAKS show with their spectacular performance, such as painting the grey Moscow skies with the colors of the Italian flag.

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