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Hard landing sends one to hospital

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Published on: Oct 7, 2009 Category: Blimps - Airships - Baloons,  

New Mexico State Police and the Federal Aviation Administration responded to the hard landing of a hot-air-balloon on Sunday morning near the border of Bernalillo and Rio Rancho. One woman was transported to the hospital with leg injuries. State police say the balloon made a hard landing near Rio Rancho Boulevard and Santiago just after 9:20 a.m. 51-year-old passenger Amy Bressan from California was transported to Presbyterian Hospital in Rio Rancho with unspecified leg injuries, according to police. A 58-year-old passenger from England was also on board along with 58-year-old pilot William Kemp from Rio Rancho. A report from state police and the FAA will be sent to the National Transportation Safety Board for review.

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