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Published on: Jan 16, 2010 Category: Airline Videos,   Funny Aviation Videos,  

Brooks Fuel Inc. DOUGLAS C54B-DC N44911 (c/n 10461) fires up her four Pratt & Whitney R-2000-4 radial engines in preparation of its mornings fuel delivery flight up North. (Fairbanks Airport July 2003). Accident Report: 8 May 2004 - Ganes Greek, AK In preparation for a flight to Fairbanks, the crew successfully started engines number 4,3, and 2 in succession. As the crew started engine number 1, an explosion occurred in the wing area between engines no. 1 and 2. Engine no. 1 and the remaining outboard section of the left wing separated from the rest of the wing. The crew applied engine power in the remaining engines and taxied away from the area of the explosion. The crew then stopped about mid-field and disembarked the airplane.

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