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1/5 Head-on Collision (Collision Course) (Crash Course) (Sight Unseen)

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Published on: Jan 17, 2010 Category: Airline Videos,   Incidents and Accidents,  

The probability of colliding in midair is 1 in 100 million! it happened here! November 12,1996 A Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 and a Air Kazakhstan Ilyushin Il-76 collide in mid-air over Charkhi Dadri, Haryanna, India; killing 349 people. Communication problems between the Kazakh jet and ATC, a design flaw in the ATC radar system, and cloudy weather; lead to the deadliest mid-air collision in history Pilot Error and poor communication(Ilyushin), poor visibility, outdated radar systems and no TCAS on both planes

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