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Pitts S-1T pilot view GREAT VIDEO

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Codename: Rezzonico
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Published on: Dec 31, 2010 Category: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes,  

Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation 2010 @ GXY, Pitts S-1T N68RH flight #2 45 up (7k*9.2), 1-1/2 spin (13k*8.7), rev 1/2 cuban (16k*8.5), 1/4 clover down (13k*8.3), hammer w/ 1/4 roll down (19k*8.8), rev sharktooth (18k*8.5), pull-pull-pull humptie (13k*9.2), immelman (10k*8.8), goldfish (18k*8.5), 1 turn roll (10k*9.3); presentation (6k*8.7), no outs, score 87.3%. THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO!!!

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