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Midair Collision between P51 Mustang and Skyraider

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Published on: Jul 23, 2011 Category: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes,   Incidents and Accidents,  

Sunday, July 10, The P-51 Mustang dubbed Big Beautiful Doll was lost after a midair collision with a Douglas Skyraider while performing a flyby at the Duxford Flying Legends event in Duxford, England. The Skyraider completed a full roll to the right after hitting the P-51 and landed safely, missing a portion of its right wing. Rob Davies, who was flying the Mustang gave a local news station this account. According to Davies, he was at about 500 feet, "at the time of decision-making." "And by the time I got out and got the 'chute open I was down to 200 feet. And unfortunately as I came out I hit the tail plane, so I suffered a few injuries through hitting that." His injuries, first reported as a broken arm, ultimately amounted to nothing more than bruises. But the Mustang nosed in and was lost. It did not burn and Davies landed close by.

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