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B 17 Aluminum Overcast in Lebanon TN 2004 - additional footage - HD

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Codename: Shoot16mm
Published on: May 8, 2012 Category: Military Aircraft Videos,  

This is some additional footage that I took of this video on the same day. It was raining really hard at times and I took the time while standing under the wing & fuselage to shoot additional footage. I was also allowed inside to film. The black & white footage was shot on some very old B&W stock. Gave the images a very different look. The Huey Cobra helicopter was flying over the airfield and when it saw the B-17, they came down and took a closer look, hovering just over the runway. The projector I shot the DV file from is an old kodak and I had to continually adjust the film speed to make sure the darker bar didn't cross the image more than it did. Thanks for looking and for sharing. This was shot on an old Bell & Howell Filmo and an old Keystone A-12 Movie camera.

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