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Russian Aircraft and China Southern Airbus A330 at London Stansted Airport TU154 IL62 IL76

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Published on: Aug 10, 2012 Category: Airline Videos,   Website: http://www.dancingmonkey.co.uk

Well this one is a bit of an epic - actually it's my longest video upload to date. I hope you enjoy it and stick with it right to the end. As a result of the Summer of Sport in London there have been many rare and unsual visitors to Stansted. I've brought a lot of VIP arrivals to you in my previous video, but this was on the day of the opening ceremony. However this video features some of the movements during the proceedings as more athletes and heads of state travel around. This video features an Airbus of the Azerbejan Government to kick things off, followed by a title sequence that's quite short but quite ambitious. The music is supposed to start with a Chinese / Asian sound reflecting the Airbus 330 of China Southern on screen, this then cuts into shots of Russian built TU154 of the Slovak Government, IL62's an IL96 and IL76. All this is set to more grinding hardcore music to try and reflect the machinery that is these aircraft - well that's the thought anyway! Stay to the end to capture the water cannon salute for China Southern, I can only think this was done because the airline only recently started flights to Heathrow and there was a hosepipe ban on according to 'Aviation News' so this may have been done at STN instead. Thanks for watching and commenting.

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