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F-16 Nato exercise RNLAF EHLW

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Codename: Afterburnpower
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Published on: Feb 15, 2013 Category: Military Aircraft Videos,   Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/afterburnpower

Shot 4 July 2012 runway heading 06 the day two Polish Mig 29-A came in, there was simultaneously a joint NATO exercise on that way. Get lots of questions about the whistling sound you hear during landing: The exhaust from the engine of an F-16 will either open or close the case of a change of position the tthrottle (gas). This movement happened to the Cenc (Convergend Engine Nozzle Control). At 100% power without afterburner, the exhaust up close and has maximum thrust. This smaller done so by the Secondary Exhaust together so that a smaller outlet opening arises. Cenc which is the high sound you hear when the throttle setting is changed.

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F-16 Nato exercise RNLAF EHLW

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