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Codename: Afterburnpower

Many thanks to all pilots, friends, spotters and towercrew for a lovely aviation year 2013! Whish you all a brilliant and healthy 2014! Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille de France, Wings Wheels and Goggles, Leeuwarden Airbase, Volkel in de Wolken, Luchtmachtdagen, Sanicole, Kleine Brogel Airbase, Frisian Flag, Volkel Airbase, Deelen Airbase, Oostwold Airshow, Baltic Bees, Polinder Extreme Aerobatics, PH-PEP, Apache Demoteam, F16 Demoteam, F16 Solo Display Team, Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, BBMF Dakota Uiver, SwAFHF, Saab Viggen, Solo Türk, flyby, Bronco OV-10, Sukhoi SU-26MX, Mirages 2000N, RAMEX Delta, SU22 Fitter, Catalina, Dassault Mirage F1, Gloster Meteor, Fouga Magister, Mark Jefferies, Red Arrows, Hawker Hunter, Patrouille Suisse, Spitfire, Operation NH90, Market Garden, Eindhoven Airport, KDC10, B52 Mitchell, F18 Hornet, Mikojan-Goerevitsj Mig15, F4 Phantom, O-2 Skymaster, Eurocopter Cougar, Dutch Thunder Yaks, Seaking, memorial flyby, Operation Cerberus Guard, Minister Hennis, Twente Airport, PC7 demoteam, Chinook, Hercules, low passes, Airshows, flares, afterburner, Aérospatiale Alouette III and much more.......

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Airshow Highlights 2013 Afterburnpower

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