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Extreme GLIDER LOW PASS at 270 Km/h

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A Glider made a extreme very low pass during an Airshow at Aeroporto di Thiene in the north east of Italy (LIDH). During the low pass the glider reached the very high speed of 270 km/h! The wake you see is made from water ballast that the glider is downloading during the high speed low pass. Pilot Roberto Pinato - Aeroclub Prealpi Venete - Thiene Vicenza http://www.aeroclubprealpivenete.it/ Subscribe Now http://rp9.it/SubFlight Follow Flight Video & Photos also on: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlightVideoPhoto - Twitter: Flight_Video - Google plus: http://rp9.it/Mk7h6v - Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/flightvideo

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