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F-35 Lightning II AIRPOWER Demo - Luchtmachtdagen 2016

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Codename: Afterburnpower

11-6-2016 EHLW: AIRPOWER 2x RNLAF F-35A Lightning II Transonic with extreme vapor Aerodynamic condensation F-001 & F-002 at Leeuwarden Air Base, vliegbasis Leeuwarden In aeronautics, transonic refers to the condition of flight in which a range of velocities of airflow exist surrounding and flowing past an air vehicle or an airfoil that are concurrently below, at, and above the speed of sound in the range of Mach 0.8 to 1.0, i.e. 965–1,236 km/h (600–768 mph) at sea level. This condition depends not only on the travel speed of the craft, but also on the temperature of the airflow in the vehicle's local environment. It is formally defined as the range of speeds between the critical Mach number, when some parts of the airflow over an air vehicle or airfoil are supersonic, and a higher speed, typically near Mach 1.2, when most of the airflow is supersonic. Between these speeds some of the airflow is supersonic, but a significant fraction is not.

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F-35 Lightning II AIRPOWER Demo Luchtmachtdagen 2016

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