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Nice Pick-Up!

01:00 272612 0 MR_Smith

Check out and see the great skill of the helicopter pilot during this pick up! ;-)

Istanbul Canakkale LTBA to LTBH Dardanel A...

05:31 272578 0 brecoglu (not yet rated)

Istanbul Çanakkale LTBA to LTBH Dardanel Air Beechcraft 1900d

History (2001/Argentina)

01:15 272566 0 spewqueen (not yet rated)

In this emotional commercial, Aerolineas relives many important moments. It concludes that, after being on the verge of ceasing operations permanently, it's back to life (following its acquisition by Grupo Marsans). The English subtitles were added by yours truly. Thanks to an visitor, Mariano, here is a list of the historical moments: Argentina being "the biggest barn in the world" the immigration in Argentina, particularly after WWII Pepe Biondi, renowned Argentine comedian the new aircraft (Boeing 707, Boeing 737-200, de Havilland Comet 4) the Buenos Aires province floods of 1983 Oscar Bonavena (boxer), Juan Manuel Fangio (F1 racer), Guillermo Vilas (tennis player), Carlos Monzón (boxer) Jorge Luis Borges, renowned writer and César Milstein, Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prize 1984 the exchange rate of the US Dollar being favorable to Argentines, who would go to Miami to buy "videogames, teddies, etc." the soldiers coming home after the Falklands War of 1982

Airbus A-380 Crosswind Certification

01:05 272562 0 Lionel

Watch as the biggest airliner in the world lands in some extreme crosswinds! (This video is from Iceland. Anyone care to take a whack at translating the narration into English for us?)

Continental Airline take away

00:31 272542 2 William

Continental Airline take away and fast service

High above Chicago with a stunt pilot

02:37 272533 1 mach3

Go high above Chicago with legendary stunt pilot Sean D. Tucker, who will be performing at the 2009 Chicago Air & Water Show. Tucker, who is an inductee in the National Aviation Hall of Fame, shows off some stunts he'll be performing in his bi-plane called the "Oracle".

fighter jet - Biggin Hill

00:5 272528 0 Tornado (not yet rated)

it was going so bloody fast, it almost knocked me off over

Noticias de Aviacion del 11 al 17 de Mayo ...

05:51 272435 0 jcuellars (not yet rated)

Noticias de aviacion generadas durante la semana del 11 al 17 de Mayo del 2008.

Convair CV-880 Departure From Mojave

07:35 272389 1 JackSpacer

N807AJ begins her journey across the country to Atlantic City, New Jersey to be used as a Fire Trainer. This classic airliner was retired from TWA service in 1978. Shot in 1991 by Craig Pilkington (Aviation Media) in Mojave Airport.

Mi-2 helicopter crash at landing

01:06 272349 0 MR_Smith

The pilot of this Polish built Mil Mi-2 helicopter came in to land with a high rate of descent, Fortunately nobody was hurt.

Eurofighter's nose gear fails to extend

01:41 272343 1 Marko_Ramius

This is no photomontage! This Eurofighter's nose gear fails to extend and leaves the pilots closer to the ground than they wanted to be...