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Aerobatic Team - Red Bull Air Race

04:37 258645 4 MR____

Fantastic Aerobatic Team Red Bull in Air Race 2004 in Budapest. Must see!

Gemini Air Cargo In Trouble!

00:14 258639 0 Clark_Griswold

Ooopps! Situation! Gemini Air Cargo In Trouble here!


08:09 258621 1 JustPlanes

Clips from the CORSAIRFLY B747-400 DVD (120mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to

F-22 Raptor - Plane Runway Crash

00:08 258612 0 Lionel

This movie is about a F-22 Raptor with flight controls problems and crash landing on a runway

Cargo Airplane crashes during airshow

00:21 258598 0 Clark_Griswold

A short movie as seen on Fox Tv of an aircraft crashing during an airshow. I don't have more details.

Funny Landing Crashes & Errors - Commo...

02:10 258530 0 Cessna154

Funny Landing Crashes & Errors - Common FSX Video Mishaps..

Really Unusual Planes

04:23 258514 0 Thomas

Unusual Planes Montage. These are all real planes or vehicles. No fake. Plane included: Bell Aircuda TF-86 YC-125B Two engine Piper Tripacer (I have no idea why) Aerocar VSTOL X plane X-22A Ikranoplan Thunderscreech Rockwell XFV-12 XP-55A Bell XV-9 Fairey Gannett Rutan jet? Northrop XF5U-1 Flapjack Short SB5 AT-9 Jeep S/E Turboprop B-17 Myasischev a different Ikranoplan Tacit Blue Sud-Est Grognard Bristol 130 Bombay Airspeed Shadower Beriev BE-10 X-VSTOL Goblin parasite fighter Dornier VSTOL Yak-23 French Amiot 143 VVA-14-1/M-62 (Ground effect aircraft. Designed for the anti-submarine role. Bartini-Beriev 1972) XF-91 Saunders-Roe Amphibious jet Civilian protoype that never went into production Polish PZL Mielec M-15 Bellanca Mi-12 / V-12 heavy lift helo Crusader III NASA Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA) Beriev jet amphibian Beriev-103 prop amphibian Bumble Bee homebuilt Lorg range recon X-UAV Liberator Liner

Fly Emirates!

04:54 258483 0 JackSpacer

A collection of nice Emirates related picture in a movie!

Risky Hang Glider Rescue Near Tillamook Ore

01:59 258457 0 MR_Smith (not yet rated)

Visit to see more information on the AST rating! Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician Third Class Robert Emley rescues a hang glider pilot from turbulent waters near Tillamook, Ore. on September 18, 2009. For more on this rescue, check out the Coast Guard Compass blog: ... "Coast Guard" Jobs Careers AST rescue search hoist exciting "hang gliding" hanglider "hang glider"


09:38 258443 0 JustPlanes

Clips from the KINGFISHER A320 DVD (185 mins) in the World Air Routes. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to

MD-80 Landing Mishap

00:14 258402 0 raftornado1994

The test flight of this McDonnell Douglas MD-80 ends dramatically at Edwards AFB, Calif.