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API spiroid flight test

00:37 264186 1 Thomas

Video of Aviation Partners Inc. Flight testing spiroid wingtips on a Gulfstream II in 2001. The devices were developed and patented by API employee Dr. Louis Gratzer. Gulfstream Spiroids "Flight test"

LTU A330-200 Dusseldorf - MALE 5-5

09:42 264163 0 gofwars

LTU A330-200 Dusseldorf, enjoy the full flight! :-)

C-130 Hercules Landing Gear Collapse

01:30 264150 0 mach3

This video shows yet again that the 150, 000 pound C-130 needs a softer landing gear--either tracks or an Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS) so it can land without need of hard, prepared runways as standard practice.

Encontro de Aeromodelismo radio controlado

18:41 264087 0 labinante (not yet rated)

Encontro do Clube de aeromodelismo de Coimbra, Aerodromo Bissaia Barreto

On Board Air Force One(1/5)

10:00 264085 0 UAL8658 (not yet rated)

All rights go to National Geographic@2009 I do not own this video. National Geographic and its affiliated companies own this.

Very Low Level Flight

00:21 264034 0 ForFun

Old 1970's film of very low runs with the Red Arrows Gnat.


02:26 263950 0 Lionel

A pilot's eye view of the US Airways Airbus A320 crash landing on the Hudson river in New York.

Bill Anders - Astronaut General Legend of ...

05:5 263933 0 flygirl (not yet rated)

Bill Anders -- Astronaut, Major General, Legend of Aviation Directed by Robert Dal Colletto, Editing by Eric Munch and Jori Teran, Produced and Videography by RJ McHatton of Inventive Productions.

Alitalia MD82 landing filmed 300fps, must ...

01:12 263913 2 Afterburner

A nice recording of a MD82 Alitalia landing, this clip was recorded 300fps that means a lot of particoulars! Enjoy the movie!

B777 SAUDI AIRLINES with a damaged wing

01:40 263911 0 Airliner

SA FLIGHT from Jeddah to Riyadh on 10.03.08. Damage on right wing of 777 just a few minutes before landing at 900 m altitude. Hydraulic lines cut and fluids are draining huge hole in the top of the wing. It happend with a very loud bang on the right wing.