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Denisse for VivaAerobus Calendar 2010

00:44 252644 0 Flying_Steward

Roxana model photoshoot backstage for calendar 2010 VivaAerobus. Location: Mariano Escobedo Airport (Mexico). For your eyes only! ;-)

Hawaiian Safety Video-DC10

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Hawaiian airline safety video for the DC10.

Encontro de Aeromodelismo radio controlado

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Encontro do Clube de aeromodelismo de Coimbra, Aerodromo Bissaia Barreto calendar 2009 Part 2

00:50 252563 3 Flying_Steward

Part 2 of the new sexy calendar for Vivaaerobus (Mexican Airline), as they use to say in their spot: "Una buena causa no tiene nada que ocultar" Enjoy the clip, comments are welcome ;)

An-12 • dirty take-off @ Leipzig Halle

02:36 252486 0 BerlinAviationVideos

An-12 • UR-DWI | Aero Charter Leipzig Halle • EDDP/LEJ

4/5 Deadly Prize (Blown Apart) (Silent Kil...

09:51 252467 0 aymanfaris

In September 1989, a Partnair Convair 580 plunged into the sea just off the coast of Denmark killing all 55 people on board. Due to the use of non-genuine spare parts, the bolts joining the tail section to the fuselage failed in flight leading to a catastrophic structural failure.

We Are Aer Arann 2010 HD - Galway Waterfor...

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This is an updated version of my video We Are Aer Arann in support of my favourite regional airline. Ireland's Aer Arann flies direct to one of my all time favourite places to visit, Galway and since flying with them some years ago, their professionalism and hassle-free flying made me use the services more and more. This year I flew to Waterford and have a few more flights booked to Galway. I hope you enjoy the video which features footage from London Luton LTN, London City LCY, Manchester Ringway MAN, Galway GWY, Waterford WAT, Dublin DUB, Cork CRK, and Ronaldsway IOM.

4/5 Shattered in Seconds (Scratching the S...

10:05 252449 0 aymanfaris

639 peices of wreckage (deepened the mystery of the crash) are recovered from the sea, when they get the 640 peice, they get their answer. In 2002, a China Airlines Boeing 747 disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into the Taiwan Strait just 20 minutes after taking off, killing all 225 people on board. The investigation revealed that a tailstrike some 22 years earlier sealed the fate of the aircraft

T-28 Low Pass

00:11 252446 0 Jocey

Low pass of a T-28 just overhead! ;-)

Aeroflot Flight 593 Disaster Kid In The Co...

25:18 252440 1 Lionel

The captain of Aeroflot Flight 593 brings his two children into the cockpit. He sits his daughter in the captain's seat and she has a turn at being a pilot, though she does not touch the controls. Then the pilot's 15 year old son has a turn in the captain's seat. He turns the control yoke to the right then brings it back to the neutral position. The autopilot tries to command a roll to correct the aircraft's course, but the boy is holding the yoke in the neutral position. This causes the autopilot roll servo to disconnect from the aileron control system. Flight 593 banks right at a 90 degree angle. The pilot tries to get his son to correct the turn but the aircraft stalls. The aircraft enters a spin and the pilots find that due to high g-forces they cannot reach the control columns. The First Officer manages to reach his control column and together with the captain's son pulls the aircraft out of the dive, but it is too late. The aircraft crashes at a near-level attitude and all 75 people on board die.

Helicopter - Onboard Crash

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This video is a crash on military helicopter during onboard ship landing.

Tornado Rules

05:23 252399 1 Takeofftube

German Airforce Video....für Schwabe 69 ;-)