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Mi-2 helicopter crash at landing

01:06 269601 0 MR_Smith

The pilot of this Polish built Mil Mi-2 helicopter came in to land with a high rate of descent, Fortunately nobody was hurt.

F-22 Raptor - Plane Runway Crash

00:08 269595 0 Lionel

This movie is about a F-22 Raptor with flight controls problems and crash landing on a runway

B737 - 900 cocpkit windows opens during ta...

02:35 269565 5 Airliner

A strange takeoff with the cockpit windows opening during takeoff!

Boeing 747 carries Shuttle Enterprise

00:15 269564 1 Jocey

In flight separation of shuttle enterprise from B747

Very Low Level Flight

00:21 269488 0 ForFun

Old 1970's film of very low runs with the Red Arrows Gnat.

C5 Galaxy short Takeoff at Stewart Int.

01:12 269455 1 Batman

A USAF c5b Galaxy Cargo Aircraft is doing a short runaway-takeoff and a 180° degree turn at the Stewart Int.

Helicopter - Onboard Crash

00:25 269381 0 Lionel

This video is a crash on military helicopter during onboard ship landing.

B777 SAUDI AIRLINES with a damaged wing

01:40 269365 0 Airliner

SA FLIGHT from Jeddah to Riyadh on 10.03.08. Damage on right wing of 777 just a few minutes before landing at 900 m altitude. Hydraulic lines cut and fluids are draining huge hole in the top of the wing. It happend with a very loud bang on the right wing.

Convair CV-880 Departure From Mojave

07:35 269297 1 JackSpacer

N807AJ begins her journey across the country to Atlantic City, New Jersey to be used as a Fire Trainer. This classic airliner was retired from TWA service in 1978. Shot in 1991 by Craig Pilkington (Aviation Media) in Mojave Airport.