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Malaga airport strange manoeuvre

02:48 258357 0 Kriss

Malaga airport, strange manoeuvre of a light aircraft.

F-16 Falcon Usaf Thunderbirds Crash Durin ...

00:48 258331 0 Lionel

A F16 of the thunderbirds crashes durin an Air Show

F-16 Extremely Low Pass

00:27 258310 2 Topgun_pilot

A US Air Force F-16 is performing an extremely low pass in Afghanistan!

Nice Pick-Up!

01:00 258248 0 MR_Smith

Check out and see the great skill of the helicopter pilot during this pick up! ;-)

Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 11 - Aircraft Cr...

05:39 258233 0 Sigerb2007

Compilação de vídeos com acidentes com aeronaves.

On Board Air Force One(4/5)

10:00 258232 0 UAL8658 (not yet rated)

All rights go to National Geographic@2009 I do not own this video. National Geographic and its affiliated companies own this.

Rome (2003/Argentina)

01:28 258158 0 spewqueen

On this ad from the same campaign, Jose writes from Rome and announces that he's particularly happy to do the Buenos Aires-Sydney run for a very special reason. The English subtitles were added by yours truly.

Hawaiian Safety Video-DC10

04:26 258082 0 ForFun (not yet rated)

Hawaiian airline safety video for the DC10.

Nasa Vortex Test

01:03 258054 0 William (not yet rated)

Really interesting Nasa wake vortex turbolence test.

USS JFK Thrilling Landings Takeoffs

01:11 258049 1 AirUTeam

You'll feel like you are on board as you watch live action, both day and night. See the intensity and the afterburners on board the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy during the first wave of attacks in the Gulf War. If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at

Continental Airline take away

00:31 258029 2 William

Continental Airline take away and fast service

NATCA - We guide you home

00:39 257990 1 marko_alfano

NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association) commercial video.