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USS JFK Thrilling Landings Takeoffs

01:11 263861 1 AirUTeam

You'll feel like you are on board as you watch live action, both day and night. See the intensity and the afterburners on board the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy during the first wave of attacks in the Gulf War. If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at

Dugongs returned the favor

03:11 263855 0 retiredman9 (not yet rated)

A symbol on the downed ultralight saved it from rising tide.

An-12 • dirty take-off @ Leipzig Halle

02:36 263821 0 BerlinAviationVideos

An-12 • UR-DWI | Aero Charter Leipzig Halle • EDDP/LEJ

Vulcan spotted

00:18 263774 0 USA_Spotter

A Avro Vulcan spotted flying.

F-22 Raptor - Plane Runway Crash

00:08 263772 0 Lionel

This movie is about a F-22 Raptor with flight controls problems and crash landing on a runway

Boeing 737NG Cockpit Preparation

05:17 263739 0 Boeingman (not yet rated)

In this video you can observe a pretty complete Boeing 737NG cockpit preparation procedure before flight. Enjoy it!

Boeing 707 taking off from Pisa (Italy)

02:25 263707 2 Topgun_pilot

Rare clip of a Israeli Air Force Boeing 707 taking off from PISA base in Italy, fantastic jet noise!

Black Asses, Blow me away!

03:27 263705 0 JackSpacer

Enjoy this incredible carrier footage! Welcome on board USS Navy Force!

MD-80 Landing Mishap

00:14 263691 0 raftornado1994

The test flight of this McDonnell Douglas MD-80 ends dramatically at Edwards AFB, Calif.

F-18 Hornet - Decktrap Looking Back

00:13 263667 0 Jocey

F-18 Hornet Landing Decktrap, Looking Back From The Cockpit

Convair CV-880 Departure From Mojave

07:35 263637 1 JackSpacer

N807AJ begins her journey across the country to Atlantic City, New Jersey to be used as a Fire Trainer. This classic airliner was retired from TWA service in 1978. Shot in 1991 by Craig Pilkington (Aviation Media) in Mojave Airport.