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Noticias de Aviacion del 11 al 17 de Mayo ...

05:51 252168 0 jcuellars (not yet rated)

Noticias de aviacion generadas durante la semana del 11 al 17 de Mayo del 2008.

Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 3 - Aircraft Cra...

09:58 252155 0 Sigerb2007

Compilação de vídeos com acidentes com aeronaves.

Boeing 737NG Cockpit Preparation

05:17 252081 0 Boeingman (not yet rated)

In this video you can observe a pretty complete Boeing 737NG cockpit preparation procedure before flight. Enjoy it!

F-18 Hornet - Decktrap Looking Back

00:13 252080 0 Jocey

F-18 Hornet Landing Decktrap, Looking Back From The Cockpit

Mistaken Identity - Iran Air Flight 655 Pa...

23:28 252037 0 Lionel

The Iran-Iraq War is raging in the Persian Gulf region. The USS Vincennes is a highly advanced cruiser, capable of identifying and destroying aircraft with pinpoint accuracy. But when Iran Air Flight 655 crosses the Gulf, the crew of the Vincennes, despite its high-tech equipment, mistake the airliner for an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and launch a missile, shooting it down and killing all on board.

Continental Airline take away

00:31 252016 2 William

Continental Airline take away and fast service

Airport security check

00:45 252003 0 Penny

It's better to have under control the situation!

Yves Rossy the Jetman

01:54 251991 0 Foxx

Yves Rossy is pretty smart to make this device, but he's nuts for flying it! AMAZING!

Super flug uber den wolken 9000

02:35 251960 0 Thomas (not yet rated)

Super flug über den wolken 9000 fuss-Video

Very Low Level Flight

00:21 251924 0 ForFun

Old 1970's film of very low runs with the Red Arrows Gnat.

The shortest takeoff!

00:08 251918 0 Batman

look at this amazing takeoff!