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Speed and Angels

95:28 263116 7 BigSky

Young Navy Officers, Jay and Meagan, have dreamt of becoming naval aviators flying the F-14 Tomcat since their childhoods. The film follows their two-and-a-half year journey as it takes them through dogfights in the Nevada desert, night landings on aircraft carriers in the Atlantic, and eventually to the biggest challenge young officers face: wartime deployments to Iraq. If you like this movie consider to buy the full DVD or visit:

Boeing 747 carries Shuttle Enterprise

00:15 263082 1 Jocey

In flight separation of shuttle enterprise from B747

TACA 767 crash from INSIDE..

01:43 263032 0 Skyworld

A TACA 767 comes to grief after landing hot and long on a rain-soaked runway. Filmed from INSIDE the plane...

C-2 Greyhound Emergency Landing

02:40 263029 0 Commander

Watch this C-2 Cod emergency landing and evacuation. Good piloting.

1/5 Pilot Vs. Plane (Air France 296)

09:23 263007 1 aymanfaris

On June 26, 1988, An Airbus A320 operated by Air France fails to regain altitude and crashes after performing a flyby during an airshow at Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport, The accident and resulting fire killed 3 of the 130 passengers; of the 3 dead, 1 was an adult and the other 2 were young children. It is believed the adult, a female, tried to help one of the young children before becoming overcome by smoke

Tornado Rules

05:23 262994 1 Takeofftube

German Airforce Video....für Schwabe 69 ;-)

Swiss Airport Spectacular

01:09 262960 0 AirUTeam (not yet rated)

-Last of the Swissair MD-11s -Rare 1960s footage -Last Caravelle at Zurich This Swiss Airport Spectacular takes you to the main airports serving this unique and beautiful mountainous country. Witness the diverse international action from Zurich Kloten and Geneva Cointrin International Airports along with the European traffic of regional Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroPort, an airport that is operated by 2 different countries and has a customs station dividing the airport in half! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at

Boeing Aviation Center

08:12 262952 0 Boeingman (not yet rated)

This is basicly the place where they put everthing that they couldn't fit into the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Nice Pick-Up!

01:00 262876 0 MR_Smith

Check out and see the great skill of the helicopter pilot during this pick up! ;-)

Sky Typing

00:58 262833 1 USA_Spotter

Awesome clip, the planes timing is unbelievable!