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Boeing 777 interior visit video

01:59 287213 1 Kriss

Interior visit video of Boeing 777. Business class full optional.!!

The airline of your dreams!

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Check out this airline, the sexiest hostess are here!!! :-P

Airbus A300 DHL Baghdad

03:41 287089 0 Foxx

On Nov. 22, 2003 a DHL crew flying out of Baghdad airport was forced to land their Airbus A300 without any controllable flight surfaces after being hit with a surface to air missile.

US Air 427 Boeing 737 - 300 crash

02:13 286363 0 Penny

Boeing 737 US Air shot down with no evidence. Crash.

Plane Crash in Queens Investigation Part 1

21:55 286234 0 Lionel

wo months since the 11 September, 2001 attacks, the event remained fresh in the minds of Americans. At John F. Kennedy Airport, American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300-600R, leaves on a three hour flight to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after take-off, it encounters turbulence from a Japan Airlines Boeing B-747 that took off from the same runway 30 seconds earlier, causing it to violently tilt back and forth. The pilot repeatedly steps on the rudder back and forth to stabilize the plane, but his overuse of the rudder breaks the tail from the fuselage. Without the tail to support the aircraft, it spins out of control and crashes into Rockaway, Queens, killing all 260 people onboard and 5 on the ground.

Bye Bye - Continental Airlines Commercial

00:36 283288 1 mach3

Continental Airlines is a United States certificated air carrier. Based in Houston, Texas, it is the fourth-largest airline in the U.S. and the fifth-largest in the world by revenue passenger miles. Continental's marketing slogan, since 1998, has been Work Hard, Fly Right.

Manchester Airport UK - Airliners Up Close...

00:01 281591 1 bananamanuk

July 2010 full HD video of airliners filmed at Manchester Airport in the UK's north west. Included in this video is a KLM 737, Lufthansa A321 and PIA 777 in extremely close taxi and takeoff. Other aircraft in title sequence

Boeing B747 landing Hong Kong

00:17 280648 7 Lionel

Famous movie of a B747 landing in old Hong Kong airport

Fly Icaro Airlines! ;)

01:32 279894 7 Jocey

An Ecuadorean airline , ICARO , is putting on 10 minute lingerie shows on one of its short internal flights.

British Airways Boeing 747-400 at LHR

00:31 279491 0 boeingboynat

This is a Boeing 747-400 of British Airways taking off from London Heathrow Airport (LHR). This is taken from Terminal 5 at the airport.

Famous Airbus 320 Air France

01:12 279338 0 Jocey

Famous Airbus 320 Air France crashing during one of the first flights of the Airbus A320.