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Is cheap flying possible? Thorpe, Diesel, ...

04:17 263427 1 fftvav

Today: 15th May 09 Jo asks, is it possible to cut your fuel bills dramtically? Note: Feature made a long time ago, figures will have changes. FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

Testing the stall on the Raptor

01:16 263308 0 ForFun

Amazing flight testing the stall condition on the raptor. This aircraft is nasty in the stall. Tighten up your straps and hold on!

A380 very steep takeoff

01:00 263293 1 Aleale

Amazing A380 steep takeoff!

Big RC Helicopter with rotating camera

03:02 262949 0 tuckie (not yet rated)

Equiped and flown by: Model: Schlüter CB5000 Field: Els Cars, near Barcelona.

Low level helicopter trip in Rio de Janeir...

06:1 262927 1 USA_Spotter

The helicopter belonged to the old Companhia VOTEC (Technical and Executive Flights), easily identified for the soon-mark. It was the first contracted company for efectuar flights for the marine platforms of PETROBRÁS. It is a clip recorded during the production of the film "Roberto Carlos in adventure" rhythm, elaborated in the middle of the time of the Youth Keeps. In the crossing of the Tunnel of the Amazed, the traffic was interrupted and he/she can see some vehicles awaiting the end of the acção.. Still Rio South Tower or the Condominium Lived of the Sun didn't exist. The Atlantic Avenue possessed, just, a rolamento track. When passing for Cinelândia (Avenues May 13 and Rio Branco) the old Federal (known as Palácio Monroe) Senate it can be seen demolished during Metrô Rio's (don't ask why) works. The landing was made at the building of the old Bank of the State of Guanabara, today, I Support Itaú S.A., in the Avenida Nilo Peçanha, probably, the only existent heliport, then, downtown. In that time that left a lot of longings, Rio de Janeiro was called of State of Guanabara. The pilot that accomplished this flight died already and for the norms actuais of safety it would be impossible to accomplish a similar procedure. Until today the pilot's ability is eulogized in passing for the tunnel, in a single passage, without a more specific training..

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

02:39 262917 0 MR_Smith

9-1-09 - average quality encoded video .

B777 rainy cockpit landing at Cuba

04:43 262858 0 Afterburner

Watch this rainy landing at AVI from the cockpit of Air Europe Boeing 777 EI-CRT. I found it around the internet actually copyright is Tommy Mogren. Thanks

Real Paro Bhutan Landing 15 A319 Cockpit

01:41 262757 3 Skyworld

Looks like a visual approach, possibly a little bit low and damn close to a house on the right.. last turn at 100 feet AGL. I must say it looks dangerous.

Reggio Calabria Atterraggio Pista 33 Alita...

01:37 262746 0 sim_maniac

Reggio Calabria Atterraggio Pista 33 Alitalia MD80

Motorcycle to Airplane Transfer

01:34 262630 1 Desertwind

This is a crazy and funny Motorcycle to Airplane transfer!

B747 NEW Extreme Crosswind Landing Hong Kong

01:22 262607 3 Desertwind

Filmed from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the wind...again. Unedited. You can hear another enthusiast in the background with a scanner. A Japan Air Lines JAL Boeing 747.

Rafale taxiing

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Dassault Aviation Rafale Taxiing back after flight display Le Bourget Friday 19 June 2009 ... Rafale