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Motorcycle to Airplane Transfer

01:34 267422 1 Desertwind

This is a crazy and funny Motorcycle to Airplane transfer!

Big RC Helicopter with rotating camera

03:02 267405 0 tuckie (not yet rated)

Equiped and flown by: Model: Schlüter CB5000 Field: Els Cars, near Barcelona.

Stealth Technology and Military Tactics 3

09:59 267378 0 Lionel

military documentary ... "radar evasion" stealth aviation technology "future weapon" F-117 F-22 B-2 airforce

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

02:39 267204 0 MR_Smith

9-1-09 - average quality encoded video .

Rafale taxiing

00:21 266900 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

Dassault Aviation Rafale Taxiing back after flight display Le Bourget Friday 19 June 2009 ... Rafale

Low and Crazy

03:41 266819 0 Aleale

Funny Low and Crazy Video!

3D Tour of AirFrance A380 in HD by 3D Avia...

02:15 266741 1 Churruca2008

3D Aviation presents a 3D computer generated tour of the Airfrance A380. This is our 3D model of the AirFrance A380. It is a turntable presentation of the aircraft with voiceover by me. Sorry for the danish accent! Naturally we use professional voiceover artist for commisioned jobs. 3D Aviation is the leader in aviation related computer 3D graphics. Video & still images of any livery and aircraft from any viewing angle.

Bonanza Plane pass below Eiffel Tower!!!!

00:32 266692 4 Afterburner

The pilot decides to pass below the Eiffel Tower!!! On board camera, don't miss it!!!

Boeing 767 Thomas Cook Emergency at Manche...

04:25 266666 0 USA_Spotter

Boeing 767 of Thomas Cook airlines in trouble with under carriage smoke, in coordination with ATC to make emergency landing.

Boeing 737 Experience 1

04:00 266535 0 davymax82

Scenes by a B737 First Officer

B747 NEW Extreme Crosswind Landing Hong Kong

01:22 266534 3 Desertwind

Filmed from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the wind...again. Unedited. You can hear another enthusiast in the background with a scanner. A Japan Air Lines JAL Boeing 747.