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Song Airlines Promo Video

06:15 273273 0 FlyFishing

Song Airlines shows why it has more personality and care then all others.

Big RC Helicopter with rotating camera

03:02 273055 0 tuckie (not yet rated)

Equiped and flown by: Model: Schlüter CB5000 Field: Els Cars, near Barcelona.

FAA Hand Propping Accident Video

02:59 273013 1 ForFun

Impressive video about hand propping of a small aircraft. Rate it pls! :-)

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

02:39 273004 0 MR_Smith

9-1-09 - average quality encoded video .

Rafale taxiing

00:21 272867 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

Dassault Aviation Rafale Taxiing back after flight display Le Bourget Friday 19 June 2009 ... Rafale

Boeing 737NG Cockpit Preparation

05:17 272602 0 Boeingman (not yet rated)

In this video you can observe a pretty complete Boeing 737NG cockpit preparation procedure before flight. Enjoy it!

Saab Viggen

03:42 272547 1 GForce

The now retired Saab Viggen. Footage taken from the 'Show must go on' video

F-18 vs MiG-29 Combat

03:10 272540 2 Topgun_pilot

This footage was shot for a film called Swiss Air Force "Identified". The video was shot in the Swiss Alps and features a Swiss F-18 and a German MiG-29 and it was filmed when the German MiG's went to train in Switzerland. Nice footage, must see!

Stealth Technology and Military Tactics 3

09:59 272507 0 Lionel

military documentary ... "radar evasion" stealth aviation technology "future weapon" F-117 F-22 B-2 airforce

Almost collision with aircraft

00:13 272470 3 Keeley

A skydiver comes close to hitting an airplane while in free-fall...

Bonanza Plane pass below Eiffel Tower!!!!

00:32 272378 4 Afterburner

The pilot decides to pass below the Eiffel Tower!!! On board camera, don't miss it!!!