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BOEING 737 leaving Martinique - Pilotsview

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JustPlanes spent a week filming NORWEGIAN 737 cockpit in the Caribbean. This takeoff is from Fort De France. For the full film

Immediate SHARP LEFT TURN after takeoff!

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JustPlanes filming at Corfu Airport in 2001. You can see the 1st Aegean aircraft doing the normal takeoff, then the 2nd one making a sharp left turn right after takeoff. For the full 3hr film

COCKPIT AIRBUS A380 on Takeoff

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JustPlanes filmed on the flightdeck of MALAYSIA AIRLINES Airbus A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow. For the full 4h15min film visit

#1 MOST DANGEROUS Airport in the World!

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JustPlanes gives you the most in dept look at Lukla NEPAL. With the cooperation of 3 airlines : AGNI AIR, GUNA AIR and SITA AIR we take you to Lukla and around Nepal with cameras in the cabin, the cockpit and even GoPro on the landing gear. Don't miss this 4h30min film at

Cockpit View Airbus A340 Night Landing

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JustPlanes Cockpit Flightdeck filming of SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS from Johannesburg to Perth Australia. For the full 4h30min Film go to

Piloting the Airbus A320 into Santorini

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JustPlanes filmed Thomas Cook Airlines on several different routes including Brussels to Santorini. Find the full 4 hour film at