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Bonanza Plane pass below Eiffel Tower!!!!

00:32 254926 4 Afterburner

The pilot decides to pass below the Eiffel Tower!!! On board camera, don't miss it!!!

FAA Hand Propping Accident Video

02:59 254724 1 ForFun

Impressive video about hand propping of a small aircraft. Rate it pls! :-)

History (2001/Argentina)

01:15 254704 0 spewqueen (not yet rated)

In this emotional commercial, Aerolineas relives many important moments. It concludes that, after being on the verge of ceasing operations permanently, it's back to life (following its acquisition by Grupo Marsans). The English subtitles were added by yours truly. Thanks to an visitor, Mariano, here is a list of the historical moments: Argentina being "the biggest barn in the world" the immigration in Argentina, particularly after WWII Pepe Biondi, renowned Argentine comedian the new aircraft (Boeing 707, Boeing 737-200, de Havilland Comet 4) the Buenos Aires province floods of 1983 Oscar Bonavena (boxer), Juan Manuel Fangio (F1 racer), Guillermo Vilas (tennis player), Carlos Monzón (boxer) Jorge Luis Borges, renowned writer and César Milstein, Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prize 1984 the exchange rate of the US Dollar being favorable to Argentines, who would go to Miami to buy "videogames, teddies, etc." the soldiers coming home after the Falklands War of 1982

API spiroid flight test

00:37 254239 1 Thomas

Video of Aviation Partners Inc. Flight testing spiroid wingtips on a Gulfstream II in 2001. The devices were developed and patented by API employee Dr. Louis Gratzer. Gulfstream Spiroids "Flight test"

Rafale taxiing

00:21 254231 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

Dassault Aviation Rafale Taxiing back after flight display Le Bourget Friday 19 June 2009 ... Rafale

High above Chicago with a stunt pilot

02:37 254086 1 mach3

Go high above Chicago with legendary stunt pilot Sean D. Tucker, who will be performing at the 2009 Chicago Air & Water Show. Tucker, who is an inductee in the National Aviation Hall of Fame, shows off some stunts he'll be performing in his bi-plane called the "Oracle".

F-16 Falcon Usaf Thunderbirds Crash Durin ...

00:48 254033 0 Lionel

A F16 of the thunderbirds crashes durin an Air Show

3D Tour of AirFrance A380 in HD by 3D Avia...

02:15 254006 1 Churruca2008

3D Aviation presents a 3D computer generated tour of the Airfrance A380. This is our 3D model of the AirFrance A380. It is a turntable presentation of the aircraft with voiceover by me. Sorry for the danish accent! Naturally we use professional voiceover artist for commisioned jobs. 3D Aviation is the leader in aviation related computer 3D graphics. Video & still images of any livery and aircraft from any viewing angle.


02:18 254003 5 Kriss

Cobra crash Iraq, crew walked away just stunned....

Cockpit view of Shuttle landing

06:40 253965 3 Jocey

The video attached to this file is an impressive cockpit view of the landing of a space shuttle at Edwards AFB, California to Runway 22 (southwest direction). The view is through the cockpit window with a HUD (Head Up Display) superimposed in front of the window. The HUD makes it possible for the astronaut to look out of the space shuttle yet have the relevant information to fly and land in the space shuttle altitude, speed, on course or not, wings level, etc. (no need to glance down at his ...