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Bonanza Plane pass below Eiffel Tower!!!!

00:32 272378 4 Afterburner

The pilot decides to pass below the Eiffel Tower!!! On board camera, don't miss it!!!

LAX Emergency Landing with LIVE ATC!

02:18 272305 0 Lionel (not yet rated)

Aug 6, 2008. American Airlines flight #31 bound for Honolulu made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport this morning at 9:30AM Local Time. All passengers and crew managed to escape safely via the emergency inflatable slides. Two minor injuries were reported among the seven crew members and 150 passengers on board.

Motorcycle to Airplane Transfer

01:34 272204 1 Desertwind

This is a crazy and funny Motorcycle to Airplane transfer!

Reggio Calabria Atterraggio Pista 33 Alita...

01:37 272120 0 sim_maniac

Reggio Calabria Atterraggio Pista 33 Alitalia MD80

Take off from dusseldorf and landing at al...

02:36 272071 0 Rushcruiser

This video was created about one year ago, i don't like the way i put this all together, but due to the missing original files i am left with no other choice. i hope you enjoy, discription below: Really nice take off including whiteout felt like u got shot onto the air =D Afther that the pilot turned down the nose, gives u a feeling like ure floating =D.

Mosquito - The Ultimate Ultralight Helicop...

09:17 271974 0 fftvav (not yet rated)

Today: 15th July 09 Mosquito - The Ultimate Ultralight Helicopter (Part 1) Is it possible? A helicopter for $30,000 that drinks the same fuel as a light aircraft? The rules say helicopters are expensive but this helicopter breaks all those rules. Is the dream of flying like a bird finally here? Coming soon - Pooley's AirDay FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.


02:18 271955 5 Kriss

Cobra crash Iraq, crew walked away just stunned....

Charles Godefroy Flies Through the Arc de ...

00:05 271931 3 aymanfaris

In 1919 Charles Godefroy flew his Nieuport biplane through the Arc de Triomphe to mark the end of and honour those who fought in World War I.

Denisse for VivaAerobus Calendar 2010

00:44 271891 0 Flying_Steward

Roxana model photoshoot backstage for calendar 2010 VivaAerobus. Location: Mariano Escobedo Airport (Mexico). For your eyes only! ;-)

Gemini Air Cargo In Trouble!

00:14 271734 0 Clark_Griswold

Ooopps! Situation! Gemini Air Cargo In Trouble here!

Bill Anders - Astronaut General Legend of ...

05:5 271579 0 flygirl (not yet rated)

Bill Anders -- Astronaut, Major General, Legend of Aviation Directed by Robert Dal Colletto, Editing by Eric Munch and Jori Teran, Produced and Videography by RJ McHatton of Inventive Productions.