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Beer and Skydivers Commercial! Must see!!!

00:30 266567 2 Topgun_pilot

looh at this crazy light beer commercial, must see!

B747 NEW Extreme Crosswind Landing Hong Kong

01:22 266539 3 Desertwind

Filmed from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the wind...again. Unedited. You can hear another enthusiast in the background with a scanner. A Japan Air Lines JAL Boeing 747.

Saab Viggen

03:42 266402 1 GForce

The now retired Saab Viggen. Footage taken from the 'Show must go on' video

Charles Godefroy Flies Through the Arc de ...

00:05 266308 3 aymanfaris

In 1919 Charles Godefroy flew his Nieuport biplane through the Arc de Triomphe to mark the end of and honour those who fought in World War I.

Funny Commercial, LOL!

00:30 266262 0 mach3

Funny commercial of Airborne medicine :D

Roxana for VivaAerobus Calendar 2010

00:44 266181 0 Flying_Steward

Roxana model photoshoot backstage for calendar 2010 VivaAerobus. Location: Mariano Escobedo Airport (Mexico). For your eyes only! ;-)

Mosquito - The Ultimate Ultralight Helicop...

09:17 266115 0 fftvav (not yet rated)

Today: 15th July 09 Mosquito - The Ultimate Ultralight Helicopter (Part 1) Is it possible? A helicopter for $30,000 that drinks the same fuel as a light aircraft? The rules say helicopters are expensive but this helicopter breaks all those rules. Is the dream of flying like a bird finally here? Coming soon - Pooley's AirDay FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

Reforger Germany

02:18 266077 1 Topgun_pilot

The REFORGER (Return Of Forces To Germany) exercises were designed to prove U.S. ability to move conventional military forces rapidly from the continental United States to Central Europe. (1970-1971)

High above Chicago with a stunt pilot

02:37 265861 1 mach3

Go high above Chicago with legendary stunt pilot Sean D. Tucker, who will be performing at the 2009 Chicago Air & Water Show. Tucker, who is an inductee in the National Aviation Hall of Fame, shows off some stunts he'll be performing in his bi-plane called the "Oracle".

Really Unusual Planes

04:23 265838 0 Thomas

Unusual Planes Montage. These are all real planes or vehicles. No fake. Plane included: Bell Aircuda TF-86 YC-125B Two engine Piper Tripacer (I have no idea why) Aerocar VSTOL X plane X-22A Ikranoplan Thunderscreech Rockwell XFV-12 XP-55A Bell XV-9 Fairey Gannett Rutan jet? Northrop XF5U-1 Flapjack Short SB5 AT-9 Jeep S/E Turboprop B-17 Myasischev a different Ikranoplan Tacit Blue Sud-Est Grognard Bristol 130 Bombay Airspeed Shadower Beriev BE-10 X-VSTOL Goblin parasite fighter Dornier VSTOL Yak-23 French Amiot 143 VVA-14-1/M-62 (Ground effect aircraft. Designed for the anti-submarine role. Bartini-Beriev 1972) XF-91 Saunders-Roe Amphibious jet Civilian protoype that never went into production Polish PZL Mielec M-15 Bellanca Mi-12 / V-12 heavy lift helo Crusader III NASA Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA) Beriev jet amphibian Beriev-103 prop amphibian Bumble Bee homebuilt Lorg range recon X-UAV Liberator Liner