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FAA find Southwest using 'Unsafe'...

02:28 265741 1 MR_Smith

03/09/08 FAA find Southwest using 'Unsafe' Planes!

Amazing Landing Scene

02:11 265720 3 USA_Spotter

Its always amazing to see an airplane landing in a snowy weather leaving behind vortex. Look this B737 Braathens Airline!

4/5 Shattered in Seconds (Scratching the S...

10:05 265705 0 aymanfaris

639 peices of wreckage (deepened the mystery of the crash) are recovered from the sea, when they get the 640 peice, they get their answer. In 2002, a China Airlines Boeing 747 disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into the Taiwan Strait just 20 minutes after taking off, killing all 225 people on board. The investigation revealed that a tailstrike some 22 years earlier sealed the fate of the aircraft

Take off from dusseldorf and landing at al...

02:36 265594 0 Rushcruiser

This video was created about one year ago, i don't like the way i put this all together, but due to the missing original files i am left with no other choice. i hope you enjoy, discription below: Really nice take off including whiteout felt like u got shot onto the air =D Afther that the pilot turned down the nose, gives u a feeling like ure floating =D.

FAA Hand Propping Accident Video

02:59 265521 1 ForFun

Impressive video about hand propping of a small aircraft. Rate it pls! :-)

Airbus A350 XWB Presentation Video

01:10 265473 1 osvaycs

Airbus A350 XWB Presentation Video

Aerobatic Team - Red Bull Air Race

04:37 265335 4 MR____

Fantastic Aerobatic Team Red Bull in Air Race 2004 in Budapest. Must see!

Berlitz commercial control tower

00:40 265182 7 William

Berlitz commercial a boy working in the control tower, will be less dangerous improving his english!!

Malaga airport strange manoeuvre

02:48 265171 0 Kriss

Malaga airport, strange manoeuvre of a light aircraft.

Crazy Ass Approach at New York LaGuardia

01:07 265160 0 Foxx

Crazy Ass Approach at New York LaGuardia. Kai Tak style approach at what is known as the expressway approach, (visual 31)at KLGA(LaGuardia).

Cockpit view of Shuttle landing

06:40 265154 3 Jocey

The video attached to this file is an impressive cockpit view of the landing of a space shuttle at Edwards AFB, California to Runway 22 (southwest direction). The view is through the cockpit window with a HUD (Head Up Display) superimposed in front of the window. The HUD makes it possible for the astronaut to look out of the space shuttle yet have the relevant information to fly and land in the space shuttle altitude, speed, on course or not, wings level, etc. (no need to glance down at his ...

Descolagem de Ultra Ligeiros

01:40 265131 0 labinante

Encontro de Ultra Ligeiros do ATAUL Valdonas Tomar