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Really Unusual Planes

04:23 273689 0 Thomas

Unusual Planes Montage. These are all real planes or vehicles. No fake. Plane included: Bell Aircuda TF-86 YC-125B Two engine Piper Tripacer (I have no idea why) Aerocar VSTOL X plane X-22A Ikranoplan Thunderscreech Rockwell XFV-12 XP-55A Bell XV-9 Fairey Gannett Rutan jet? Northrop XF5U-1 Flapjack Short SB5 AT-9 Jeep S/E Turboprop B-17 Myasischev a different Ikranoplan Tacit Blue Sud-Est Grognard Bristol 130 Bombay Airspeed Shadower Beriev BE-10 X-VSTOL Goblin parasite fighter Dornier VSTOL Yak-23 French Amiot 143 VVA-14-1/M-62 (Ground effect aircraft. Designed for the anti-submarine role. Bartini-Beriev 1972) XF-91 Saunders-Roe Amphibious jet Civilian protoype that never went into production Polish PZL Mielec M-15 Bellanca Mi-12 / V-12 heavy lift helo Crusader III NASA Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA) Beriev jet amphibian Beriev-103 prop amphibian Bumble Bee homebuilt Lorg range recon X-UAV Liberator Liner

Boeing 707 taking off from Pisa (Italy)

02:25 273654 2 Topgun_pilot

Rare clip of a Israeli Air Force Boeing 707 taking off from PISA base in Italy, fantastic jet noise!

Funny Commercial, LOL!

00:30 273606 0 mach3

Funny commercial of Airborne medicine :D

There Never Was An Arrow Part1

09:26 273597 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

CBC 1989. The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was a delta-winged interceptor aircraft, designed and built by Avro Aircraft Limited (Canada) in Malton, Ontario, Canada, as the culmination of a design study that began in 1953. Considered to be both an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry, the CF-105 held the promise of Mach 2 speeds at altitudes exceeding 50 000 ft (15 000 m), and was intended to serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force's primary interceptor in the 1960s and beyond. Not long after the 1958 start of its flight test program, the development of the Arrow (including its Orenda Iroquois jet engines) was abruptly and controversially halted, sparking a long and bitter political debate.

Amazing Landing Scene

02:11 273567 3 USA_Spotter

Its always amazing to see an airplane landing in a snowy weather leaving behind vortex. Look this B737 Braathens Airline!

B737 - 900 cocpkit windows opens during ta...

02:35 273501 5 Airliner

A strange takeoff with the cockpit windows opening during takeoff!

Risky Hang Glider Rescue Near Tillamook Ore

01:59 273494 0 MR_Smith (not yet rated)

Visit to see more information on the AST rating! Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician Third Class Robert Emley rescues a hang glider pilot from turbulent waters near Tillamook, Ore. on September 18, 2009. For more on this rescue, check out the Coast Guard Compass blog: ... "Coast Guard" Jobs Careers AST rescue search hoist exciting "hang gliding" hanglider "hang glider"

Encontro de Aeromodelismo radio controlado

18:41 273476 0 labinante (not yet rated)

Encontro do Clube de aeromodelismo de Coimbra, Aerodromo Bissaia Barreto

Helicopter almost crashes on takeoff

00:23 273419 3 MR_Smith

That helicopter almost crashes during takeoff, crazy!!


09:52 273413 0 JustPlanes

Clips from the SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS A340-600 DVD (177mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to

Dugongs returned the favor

03:11 273402 0 retiredman9 (not yet rated)

A symbol on the downed ultralight saved it from rising tide.