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Not so TopGun!

01:09 253154 5 Batman

Inflight refuelling problems for this pilot. The comments are from the cockpit of the tanker and are in Italian language.

Vulcan spotted

00:18 253036 0 USA_Spotter

A Avro Vulcan spotted flying.

Fly Emirates!

04:54 253031 0 JackSpacer

A collection of nice Emirates related picture in a movie!

Thomson Airways Safety Video 2009

03:29 252999 2 Airliner

Thomson Airways in-flight safety video 2009. Cute!

Cargo Airplane crashes during airshow

00:21 252976 0 Clark_Griswold

A short movie as seen on Fox Tv of an aircraft crashing during an airshow. I don't have more details.

Crazy Ass Approach at New York LaGuardia

01:07 252895 0 Foxx

Crazy Ass Approach at New York LaGuardia. Kai Tak style approach at what is known as the expressway approach, (visual 31)at KLGA(LaGuardia).

Achille Cesarano by Simone D'Ascenzi

05:48 252802 0 Simonevdv

This is an interview realized to Achille Cesarano italian record man.


08:09 252797 1 JustPlanes

Clips from the CORSAIRFLY B747-400 DVD (120mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to

FAA find Southwest using 'Unsafe'...

02:28 252785 1 MR_Smith

03/09/08 FAA find Southwest using 'Unsafe' Planes!

Dugongs returned the favor

03:11 252770 0 retiredman9 (not yet rated)

A symbol on the downed ultralight saved it from rising tide.

Istanbul Canakkale LTBA to LTBH Dardanel A...

05:31 252682 0 brecoglu (not yet rated)

Istanbul Çanakkale LTBA to LTBH Dardanel Air Beechcraft 1900d